• New book available to preorder

    New book available to preorder

  • What is all the fuss about?

    What is all the fuss about?

    Yes Ma'am launched on 15th November at Gin O'clock

  • Yes Ma'am

    Yes Ma'am

    One has released all the episodes

What a delight to see you all again. l hope you like the new website. As well as governing 16 sovereign states one has been very, very busy writing one's new book "Still Reigning" and launching one's animation series, Yes Ma'am (Ham, not farm), onto British television. For a sneaky view, watch the films on the Royal Videos page or purchase the book. God bless you.
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RT @Queen_UK: Oh yes sir, one can boogie, but one needs a certain song. One can boogie, boogie-woogie, all night long... #Hammered
RT @Queen_UK: Dear the Foreign Office, do you have any ministers there who haven't resigned? Best regards, The Queen
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One’s still reigning.

Sir Elton John very nearly got the words right for his 1980′s hit ‘I’m still standing’. I think Her Majesty …

And they’re off!

Her Majesty’s horse, Sea Shanty ran handy throughout the Royal Hunt Cup, but was beaten well and truly, by Field …

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An app a day, keeps the doctor away
Yes Ma’am Episode 5
Yes Ma’am Episode 4
Yes Ma’am Episode 3
Yes Ma’am Episode 2
Yes Ma’am Episode 1
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